Presentation Skills Training Course

Presentation skills are a valuable asset to any employee and their company. Effective leadership and communication all depend on sufficient presentation skills. Successful presentations incorporate adequate preparation, competence in public speaking, visual presentation skills, the ability to relate to ones audience and to overcome nervousness. These skills can be extended to customer service, corporate communication, sales and leadership. This course is designed to assist a company’s employees represent themselves and their organisation.


  • To gain the skills necessary for preparation of effective presentations
  • To develop public speaking skills
  • To improve confidence
  • To develop personal presentation skills


  • Presentation: The Key to Selling Yourself, Your Product and Your Company
  • Preparing a Presentation
  • Finding your “Telos”
  • Getting Up
  • Starting Strong: The Key to Good Introductions
  • Staying Strong: Maintaining Audience Attention
  • Finishing Strong: High Impact Conclusions
  • Practical Presentation Skills:
    • Voice Techniques
    • Dress and Attire
    • Body Language and Hand Signals
    • Interaction with the audience
  • Techniques to Overcome Nervousness
  • Portraying Confidence
  • Avoiding Bad Presentation Habits
  • Using Visual Aids
  • Practical Tips to Improve Presentations
  • Leading and Facilitating Discussions
  • When Things Go Wrong