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Please Note: All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Many of our clients select modules from different courses for their unique requirements. If a course does not match your requirements exactly please feel free to contact us and we will adjust the content at no additional cost.

Sales Training Courses

We, at Griffin Training, know how important sales are for your organisation. It is the driving force behind business and without the skills to sell a business cannot survive. Workforces need training to develop effective sales skills. Well trained employees are profitable employees. Our sales training courses are designed to give sales teams and individuals the skills to improve sales and boost an organisation's profitability. Whether it's to learn how to sell, to improve sales or develop effective sales teams Griffin Training has the course for you. Follow the links below to learn more about our sales training courses.


Open courses run in London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. Fees start from £380 pp. For our full schedule visit our Schedule page.


All our courses are available on-site. Fees start from just £650 for a half-day seminar. See our Fee list for more details or enquire now about an on-site course.