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Please Note: All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Many of our clients select modules from different courses for their unique requirements. If a course does not match your requirements exactly please feel free to contact us and we will adjust the content at no additional cost.


All our courses are available on-site. On-site training represents a flexible, cost-effective option and with our no minimum numbers policy is the perfect solution for all workforces, small/medium or large.

We have restructured our organisation in a bid to improve the value-for-money our programmes represent. By introducing a few minor changes to the way Griffin Training runs as an organisation we were able to decrease the fees of our training programmes while maintaining the highest standards. This means that we have implemented a simple fee structure for all our on-site courses. We guarantee to be at least 30% more cost-effective than our competitors so feel free to let us know if this is not the case.

We offer a non-profit organisation discount on top of our low fees.

Furthermore, there are no additional costs for customising courses. For more customise options see our Customised Training page.


Length of Course Total Fee
Half-Day £350
Full-Day £450
2 Days £790

Note: Since many of our customers provide their own facilities or require on-site training, we do not quote for conference facilities. We have a network of facilities around the country and can cater for your specific needs and budget. Please enquire if you need conference facilities.