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Please Note: All our courses can be tailored to your organisation’s specific needs. Many of our clients select modules from different courses for their unique requirements. If a course does not match your requirements exactly please feel free to contact us and we will adjust the content at no additional cost.
Promoting great customer service and customer care over the phone, email, face-to-face or just simply through word of mouth.

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Customer Service and Care

We know how important customer service and care is to your organisation. That's why we have designed high-quality training that is cost-effective and flexible. Our programmes, delivered at your premises or at a location of your choosing, are the ideal way to support and develop your staff's customer service skills. Whether it’s face-to-face, over the phone, dealing with irate customers or simply improving business etiquette we guarantee to be the most cost-effective and flexible option available.

Benefits of Griffin Training:

  • High quality training
  • Results driven programmes
  • Standard/Customised content
  • Simple flat fee structure
  • No minimum or maximum numbers
  • You choose the date, location, & duration

Our cusotmer service trainign programmes are just what your organisation needs to boost its service and customer skills.

Customer service training today occupies a pivotal role in every organisation that aims at creating a strong world class customer service. Customer focused attitudes not only serve as a building block for loyal relationships with customers, but also fosters a better environment for employees.

Customer service training has now become the foundation for strong customer centered organisations that believe in delivering measurable value to their customers. The main essence of customer service training is to help organisations capitalise upon repeat business from their customers and keep them happy. Outstanding customer service skills are crucial in developing and retaining your customer base and effective customer service requires the necessary skill to ensure that every customer dealing with your company has a positive and memorable experience.

We at Griffin Training understand the unique training needs of professionals and companies and have therefore developed on-site, customised and convenient customer service training programs along side our open courses. These training programmes help by making a significant contribution to the company’s image. Our on-site training courses are designed to deliver high impact and effective training in customer service which helps in retaining and growing your customer base.

Our customer service training programs are tailored to meet each company’s unique requirements and focus on customer service skills like telephone etiquette, email etiquette, business etiquette, customer service training for hospitality industry, dealing with irate customers, and much more. Our customisable options help you design your own training program which helps you achieve the outcomes you are looking for.

Griffin Training offers a platform for professionals and companies to deliver high quality customer service through its informative and energising customer service program. Also, our professional customer service training courses are much sought after as they transfer dynamic skills which help in consistently winning customers and creating memorable customer service experiences.

If you are aiming at an award winning customer service training in any industry, Griffin Training has the right blend of knowledge and expertise in training and development that can drive you to create a meaningful and lasting customer relationship.  We use proven techniques that aid employees to enjoy their job while building customer loyalty with each interaction.

Griffin Training offers its personalised customer service training programmes in London, Manchester, Leeds, Birmingham, and throughout the UK and we enable you to take advantage of high quality, cost effective, and flexible training. So invest in your most value asset – your employees – and benefit from our interactive, fun, and engaging customer service courses.


Open courses run in London, Manchester, Leeds and Birmingham. Fees start from £380 pp. For our full schedule visit our Schedule page.


All our courses are available on-site. Fees start from just £650 for a half-day seminar. See our Fee list for more details or enquire now about an on-site course.


Download a free, 2-4 hour, "Introduction to Customer Service" training programme that you can run with your staff. This is a simple, no fuss programme that will give participants the basic introduction to customer service. The topics covered are: What is Customer Service? Who are My Customers? Why Should I Care? and Dispelling the Myth in Customer Service. The programme includes leader's notes, Power Point presentation and handouts. If you have any problems with downloading this course or would like to make some comments please feel free to contact us by visiting our Contact Us page.