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Multi-cultural Workforce Integration Training Programs

An engine only works if all the parts work together, smoothly and efficiently. If one or two cogs grind against each other the engine will soon break apart. A workforce is no different.

The change in the modern workforce has impacted every sector of the modern economy. From service, manufacturing, finance to high-tech and health services companies are finding that they are employing more and more immigrants. Naturally this comes with advantages to the modern economy and these immigrants will be an asset to the economy as a whole. However, there are disadvantages.

Many companies are experiences the pressures brought on by employing culturally diverse workforces. In the modern workforce it is not just the case of two different cultures working together, often it is the case that dozens of cultures mix within the work environment and this brings with it challenges. With so many cultures interacting with a company tension, miscommunication and conflict are almost guaranteed.

If workforces are to survive the changing corporate environment then employees need to learn to work with a multitude of different nationalities. Employees cannot be expected to do this without proper knowledge and skills. If staff do not have these skills it is the company who will ultimately suffer a decline in productivity and profitability.

Griffin Training has solutions specifically aimed at the multicultural workforce. Our solutions include training programs for staff in order to equip them with the knowledge and skills necessary to overcome the challenges of intercultural relations. We can help your company’s most valuable asset to perform better by training your staff to deal with the complexities of a multicultural work environment.

All our training programs are specially geared at a company’s unique situation. We asses each company we deal with and take into consideration a multitude of factors when developing a training program. This means that our training programs are aimed at your specific industry, staff demographic and customer base.


The main focus of this training seminar is to assist multicultural workforces to work together more efficiently and harmoniously. The seminar aims at promoting:

  • Cultural understanding
  • Prevention of discrimination
  • Healthy communication

The seminar will focus on:

  • The Basics of Culture
  • Cultural Development Models
  • Cultural Inter-action Models (adjusted according to participation)
  • Working within a multicultural workforce
  • Different worldviews
  • Different forms of communication
  • Concepts of respect, hierarchy, time, success, and value systems
  • Inter-cultural Communication Techniques and Strategies
  • Corporate culture
  • Practical implications of working in a diverse workforce
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